Sea algae salt

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Highly mineralised algae salt is suitable for baths and peelings. It  contains iodine- and bromine-rich natural salt, as well as  Laminaria Digitata algae extract. The algae extract form makes  the bath pleasantly fragrant, while the ingredients work to firm,  moisture, regenerate and free the skin from toxins. This algae  contains alginic acid, laminarin, mannitol, vitamins and micro-  elements which give the skin more supple look and nourish it.  Algae salt is best used to fight cellulite, stretch marks and lack of  firmness.

    Cosmetic effects:

    •moisturises and nourishes the skin

    •reduces lymphoedema

    •Helps fight cellulite

    •Helps diminish physical fatigue

    •Smoothes, firms and regenerates the skin

    Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
    It reduces lymphoedema
    Supports cellulite reduction
    Regenerates fatigue after physical exercise
    It smoothes, tightens and regenerates the skin

    Major elements content:

    •Iodine (I) – 800.0 mg/kg

    •Bromine (Br) – 1.0 mg/kg

    •Magnesium (Mg) – 4.0 mg/kg

    •Calcium (Ca) – 8.0 mg/kg

    •plus: Potassium, Iron, Selenium, Silicon, Bicarbonates

    Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Chloride, Aqua, Algae


    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Failure of circulation
    • Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation

          Suggested use:
          A cosmetic bath or peeling with the use of salt alone or mixed with a cosmetic base oil.

          100% Vegan.

          Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Chloride, Aqua, Laminaria Digitata Extract


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