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Our cold-pressed, unrefined 100% argan oil is the cosmetic that  meets organic standards. It is manufactured under European GMP  rules. This rich oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic  and linoleic ones. It abounds with natural anti-oxidants which  protect the body against free radicals. It also contains multiple  compounds that regenerate the body and shield it from radiation,  such as: carotenoids, polyphenols, phytosterols, vitamin E.

Cosmetic effects:

Moisturises, nourishes and slows down skin aging processes, seals  epidermal lipid barrier, protects against free radicals, speeds up  skin regeneration, soothes inflammation, successfully takes care of  psoriasis, eczema and AD skin conditions, boosts hair and nails,  gently cares for infant/children skin

Suggested use:

  • Face and body – massage the oil into the skin with circular movements.
  • Hair – massage the oil into the hair ends and the sculp. Wrap with foil and a towel, leave for 10-20 minutes, shampoo thoroughly.
  • Body peeling – mix argan oil with algae or iodine-bromide salt. You may add a few drops of some essential oil to enrich the mixture with fragrance as well as extra properties characteristic for the specific oil. Rub with circular movements.
  • Rejuvenating bath – pour argan oil into warm water, add up to several drops of essential oil to get extra aroma-therapeutic effect.


100% Vegan.

Ingredients (INCI): Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil•
• Certified organic ingredient


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