MOKOSH in Dubai 2021 0

Dynamic international expansion has become a priority goal at MOKOSH, so attending Beautyworld Middle East Dubai 2021 was a must for us. The United Arab Emirates is undoubtedly where every globally expanding company should be. It is currently the best growing business centre with enormous opportunities.

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At MOKOSH, we are constantly focused on development, and one of our priorities is international expansion. Our products are already available in nearly 30 countries, and we have an appetite for more!

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Regeneration with MOKOSH 122
Regeneration with MOKOSH

It's time to wake up your skin after winter, cold weather and humidity. I would like to present a mini guide on how to effectively regenerate your skin and prepare it for spring. Of course you will need natural cosmetics from MOKOSH.

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Men's body care 0

We already know which cosmetics from the MOKOSH portfolio should make the basic care product set for men. But which products to choose for body care? Wojtek continues with his pieces of advice.

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Men's face care 33

Men's grooming routine often comes down to washing the face using soap, and after that using an aftershave cream only. Can a complete men's skin care be based on the MOKOSH brand cosmetics?

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Manufacturer of natural cosmetics 1
Manufacturer of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics have been a trendy topic for many years. However, the manufacturers of this type of cosmetics for women have no easy task to convince their clients that their cosmetics are really eco-friendly and have been produced only on the basis of natural raw materials.

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MOKOSH antibacterial spray - now free of charge 0

We have created an antibacterial spray that we will provide to hospitals and our customers FREE OF CHARGE. It all started a few weeks ago, when we (the MOKOSH Team) started to run out of disinfectants both at work and at home. We decided to roll up our sleeves and take matters into our skillful hands.

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