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We already know which cosmetics from the MOKOSH portfolio should make the basic care product set for men. But which products to choose for body care? Wojtek continues with his pieces of advice.

The absolute bestseller out of my body care product line is the bronzing balm. I love the sun, I love Italy, I love the ripening sweet grapes, and cold water in the pool on scorching hot days. All this brings one thing to my mind - a warm, healthy and light skin tan. However, we don’t live in Sicily, and so we can’t count on having the sun all year around. Luckily for us, we have this at hand - the bronzing body and face balm Orange and cinnamon. I definitely recommend all gentlemen to use it, since with a healthily-looking skin we present ourselves better at work, during a job interview or while dating. Don’t fret! The darkening of the skin is very gentle. This product is not the same as a typical self-tan. The result of using the product is a tan like from a light touch of sun rays to the skin. Gentlemen, you apply the product to both your face and body! Every man deserves to feel pampered once in a while, and sometimes a simple upgrade to the daily regimen is all it takes to transform your grooming outlook

I will admit to one thing - I’m one of those „slightly lazy” people. I constantly keep blocking this fact out and repeat to myself that „I am one of those who attend to the face more than they do to the body”. That is true. The study shows that we pay more attention to facial care than we do to the body, but we shouldn’t forget about the latter either.

The minimum of men's skin care should include the body salt scrub Vanilla and thyme. This product does a great job. Here I will use a term that you certainly hear often – this product is a 2in1. Thanks to the inclusion of numerous botanic extracts, this product not only exfoliates the dead skin cells, but it also leaves a gresy film on your skin, thanks to which you don’t have to apply any body lotion. All the fragrance comes from the natural odors of the extracts found in it. The product includes 8 such extracts, which volatilize similarly to perfumes. The fragrance on your skin from the product evolves over time. As time goes by, you will smell green tea, cloves, cumaru, thyme… I am confident that every man will find a piece of himself in this fragrance.

Both the facial and body peeling cannot be performed day-to-day, whereas the skin must be moisturized after each bath. To our aid there come body balms, or, as it is in my case… elixirs! In order to cut your nighttime body care time to the minimum, as there are things that are more important than others, like, for example, another episode of the favorite series, under the shower and after rinsing off the gel and closing the running water, you can rub your favorite body elixir or base oil with some drops of essential oil into your body. In my case, I use the nutritive body elixir Melon and cucumber, or the ‘Orange’ elixir for toning-up the skin. You gently wipe off the remainder of water using a towel. After this treatment, the skin is purified, moisturized, protected and nicely smelling. What more can you need!?

Oh well, I will tell you about one other solution of mine for modifying your favorite perfumes. Do you also have your favorite perfumes that you don’t want to change for other? Sometimes, however, it is worthwhile to change them. I am one of those people who like sophisticated, strong and deep fragrances. In order to attribute a greater degree of importance to a particular event, or when I simply feel like it, I often rub from 1 to 2 drops of an essential oil into my wrists. Personally, I use either the patchouli oil, or the Ylang-Ylang oil. This way, the fragrance of your favorite perfumes is intensified and modified, thanks to which it becomes even sharper and finer. Try this out with your favorite perfumes and essential oils of your favorite fragrances that you value.

Of course, men's skin care can be extended with other products as well. The argan oil for nails with a handy application brush can turn out to be a blessing for men, in whose jobs hands are on display to their clients or customers. The oil will nourish and soften your agnails. The argan oil can also be used by gentlemen who have beards. The argan oil is to be patted into the beard. The argan oil can be enriched with fragrance assets by adding a few drops of an essential oil.

The MOKOSH cosmetics are perfect products for both demanding women and challenging men. Dear gentlemen, I am very curious which of the MOKOSH cosmetics you use already, and what you think about them. Dear ladies, do your men pilfer your cosmetics out of your washbags? Write your comments under this post…. Meanwhile - nice taking care of yourselves to all!

Wojtek Trawicki, KAM at Mokosh Cosmetics

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