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Men's grooming routine often comes down to washing the face using soap, and after that using an aftershave cream only. Can a complete men's skin care be based on the MOKOSH brand cosmetics ?

My name is Wojtek and I have worked for MOKOSH for almost 3 years now. I guess it is quite a lot, considering the fact that the company has been on the market for 5 years :). There is a pretty good degree of compatibility between myself and MOKOSH. On the daily basis I am in charge of the current customer care of our key business partners, working with Clients in the area of contractual production, organizing events (trade shows, „open days”, meetings with MOKOSH retail suppliers), organizing product and sale training courses, as well as supporting our marketing department in certain areas, and supporting our Brand Manager Sebastian who you all know well. Today I have decided to share with you my knowledge of natural care for men based on MOKOSH Cosmetics. Since you know our cosmetics perfectly well, let me cut down the naming of their compositions to the minimum. In this article I will focus on the exemplary products and their pros.

Over the recent years, men have been taking much more care of their appearance and proper care than before. They are more willing to use the services offered by beauty salons. There are more and more products for men appearing on the market. I know that there is a large group of men among the MOKOSH brand fans. This article is addressed to those men in particular, although not to them only. It is also addressed to you, dear ladies :). Perhaps for some time now you have been trying to persuade your man that his care products should include more than just the soap and the aftershave cream mentioned earlier. Perhaps you don’t know how to persuade him that body peeling is not an enemy, and that the face serum doesn’t have to gleam after all. I hope that the ideas showing how to use cosmetics described in this article will help you in persuading your man of what I mentioned above, and give you useful tips that even those men who are not convinced to pay more attention to skin care will find a short moment to apply the serum.

Facial Care

The basis for proper facial care is that the face must be properly purified. In case of men, there is no need to resort to the two-stage purification of the face. All you have to do is use the nourishing and moisturizing face cleanser Fig. The said product contains minerals in the form of end products of biofermentation, including, among other: magnesium, iron and zinc. Thanks to those end products of biofermentation, the skin is more nourished, and its protective function is augmented. Thanks to the delicate washing substance obtained from the coconut, the gel purifies the facial skin gently, but also deeply and effectively, however causing no irritations or redness. The gel is a very economical product, easy to apply and, in addition, it has a universal, subtle and pleasant fragrance. One pump is all you need to thoroughly clean your facial skin during your nighttime toilette. It is as simple as that - first the toothbrush and the toothpaste, and then the face gel. Personally, I do not recommend washing your face using soap, since due to the alkalinity of it, it is more irritative to the skin, it deprives the skin of its hydrolipid coating, and may make the skin feel contracted and dehydrated.

When purifying their facial skin, men especially should remember about facial peeling, so as to get rid of the callused dead skin cells. Male skin is 20% thicker than the female skin. Due to the hormonal differences, the male facial skin produces more sebum than the female facial skin does and it ages slower, but the wrinkles that emerge on it are much deeper and more conspicuous. Gentlemen, peeling our facial skin regularly, we get rid of the dead skin cells, which in the future will pay off with a smoother and healthier skin, bearing less wrinkles and protuberances. Both the rough and sensitive men will fancy the Rose and blueberry facial peeling. The peeling has been devised so as to combine two ways of exfoliating the skin: enzymatic and non-chemical. It can be put on the face like a mask for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinsed off with large amounts of water. During that time the enzymes found in the peeling – derived from papaya and pineapple - deal with the dead skin cells. If you wish to have a more definite result and your skin is not sensitive, the peeling is to be rubbed into your face, thanks to which corundum (a mineral found in the peeling), which is responsible for the mechanical peeling of the skin, will remove the dead skin cells. Once the facial skin has been properly purified, it is worthwhile to restore its natural pH level by using a tonic or hydrolates. Regarding that, we'll have a surprise for you soon! 

The same cream can also be applied for nighttime. The cream has strong hydrating properties, and for nighttime I recommend combining it with a fig or orange facial serum of your choice. Personally, I use the latter serum much more often, which is for its pleasant orange fragrance and the tea tree essential oil, which has an antibacterial property and alleviates all inflammatory conditions of the skin. Thanks to the squalane found in the serum, it is absorbed very fast, leaving no film on the skin. Dear ladies, if you have smoothing face cream Fig or Orange serum in your washbags, smear your men with it. I guarantee they will quickly take to those products.

That would be it as far as facial care is concerned. Soon you will learn the pieces of advice on men's body care.

Wojtek Trawicka, Key Account Manager at Mokosh Cosmetics

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