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We have created an antibacterial spray that we will provide to hospitals and our customers FREE OF CHARGE. It all started a few weeks ago, when we (the MOKOSH Team) started to run out of disinfectants both at work and at home. We decided to roll up our sleeves and take matters into our skillful hands.

It wasn't easy! We were running out of stocks, and the prices of ready-to-use antibacterial products exceeded our budget, more and more every single day. We had to look around for retail proposals, but seeing the uncontrollable price spikes, we came to the conclusion that the best way to make the antibacterial solution for ourselves is to make it on our own.

It was even more difficult with raw materials! Large companies started a massive "taking over" of everything with antiviral or antifungal effect. The availability of ethyl alcohol was strictly associated with entering the negotiation games and purchasing arrangements. We heard offers like "I could sell you at least a tanker" or "If you find me a second customer for a tanker, you will get a discount in return" - unfortunately the price per liter of the substance exceeded the retail one before the crisis.

In the end, we made it to obtain the necessary raw materials, and the already finished antibacterial spray underwent a number of tests and the painstaking official registration process as a biocide.

The ordered quantity of product ingredients ensures our safety and hygiene for the next few months. Some of this batch is obligatory and unanimously reserved for hospitals. They should not waste their energy on negotiations or searching for honest suppliers, and unfortunately, these days there is a shortage of hand and surface sanitizers everywhere.

We also decided to ensure the safety of our customers and add MOKOSH antibacterial spray for free to every order on and with a minimum value of PLN 150. It will be an add-on until out-of-stock of the first batch of the product.

This spray is the best way to disinfect your mobile, door handles, workstations (desks, chairs, keyboards, handrails) packages and even your hands. You can also spray the shoe soles, a tap, a sink or a flush. Your handy bottle can be taken literally anywhere. Have it always with you. The pleasant aromas and care additives (white rose hydrolate and tea tree and lavender essential oils) are sure to appeal to everyone.

We believe that this is how we can repay our customers for supporting us in this difficult time. I would like to thank the entire MOKOSH team and let’s say it again - helping is natural for us!

Kind regards!

Ania Rutkowska-Didiuk

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