Regeneration with MOKOSH 0
Regeneration with MOKOSH

It's time to wake up your skin after winter, cold weather and humidity. I would like to present a mini guide on how to effectively regenerate your skin and prepare it for spring. Of course you will need natural cosmetics from MOKOSH.

How to start in the first place?

The rule is simple - you will not take care if you do not prepare yourself. Remember that even the best face cream will not work properly if our skin is not properly maintained. Before we start the regeneration, we should first make sure to CLEAN it.

Here, you can't do without the Nourishing and moisturizing face gel Fig. This is a favorite when it comes to the lists of cleansing products on many critical beauty blogs. It is famous for its very efficient formula, glass bottle, fragrance and of course the final effects. After applying the cosmetic, the skin is restored - cleansed and fragrant, without any tightening or dryness. Remember, you can find the gel in the MOKOSH store in two capacities.

Immediately after applying Fig gel, we often - impressed - want to touch our complexion, but don't give in to temptation - it's time for toning! It is said that the best tonic for the day is the Toning and soothing Mint with Aloe Vera Essence. The base is mint hydrolate and aloe vera leaf juice. Of course, this is no ordinary tonic. It is an essence with highly concentrated moisturizing and refreshing ingredients - vinegars, bioferments and much more. Reach for the essence after every skin contact with water and before skincare.

As a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, we could not be indifferent to the white rose hydrolate and bamboo water. This is the basis of an essence which we recommend for use at night. Of course we are referring to the Active toning essence White Rose. This essence is a pre-conditioning base for the best performance of the night creams. The mild lactic acid and African birch bark extract it contains make the skin glow effectively and improve the absorption of vitamin C. Remember that lactic acid thickens the consistency of the essence, so we do not recommend spraying it on your face directly from the bottle - better to use your hands or a reusable cotton pad first.

Let's move on to the cream massage!

Every person on earth should meet MOKOSH natural cream. Here the question arises - which one? With help, of course, come the names of the products, so you should assess the condition of your skin and determine its needs for care. The Fig Smoothing face cream has a light and nice formula, which is adored by make-up artists and men - the main advantages: fast absorption and good moisturization.

If you need a richer formula then reach for the Regenerating anti-pollution face cream Raspberry for protection against smog, wind and any dryness. The raspberry skin stands out with its vascular strengthening and excellent smooth finish. 

Those who are concerned about a lack of firmness or emerging signs of aging should go for the Firming anti-aging face cream Rose and Blueberry. Note that anything in the collection with that fragrance will also have a directional anti-aging effect. The cream contains vitamin C, rose extract and even a complex responsible for accumulation of lipids giving the effect of filling in wrinkles from the inside.

All MOKOSH face creams do not leave an oily film on your skin, so you do not have to worry about greasiness. Remember to massage when applying the cream. After all, it can be enjoyable to apply, and by massaging the skin you stimulate microcirculation and contribute to a healthier look and firmness.

If you feel your skin needs smoothing while applying any of the creams, then be sure to reach for the Rose and Blueberry Active face scrub. This product has received the most awards and prizes ever at MOKOSH. Not without reason: it exfoliates perfectly - both mechanically and enzymatically, but also significantly nourishes and improves the condition of the skin. It's a kind of a scrub-mask. A true wonder! Remember that the product is addictive, but do not excessively use it - the epidermis needs time to regenerate.

Should I focus on facial care only?

Let's not forget our hands these days, and after winter, our feet as well. Constant disinfection and washing of the hands or wearing thicker socks and warmer shoes leads our skin to a crisis that must be responded to. In both cases, use MOKOSH Body butters as part of your nightly regeneration. These are oil formulas which will regenerate your feet and hands at night, even in summer, and at the same time will strengthen the hydrolipid coat. We offer several fragrances: fruity Cranberry, refreshing Cucumber and Melon, energetic Orange and Cinnamon and classy Vanilla and Thyme.

It's a good idea to carry hand lotion with you during the day. This is the best hand cream in a bottle version - that is, without having to constantly cap and unscrew. Both scented versions provide great hydration without a greasy film. You can find lotions in the Hand Care category or here: Passion Fruit and Melon with Cucumber.

Hear your skin out!

Remember that each of us has individual needs that are unique for each of us. Discover your skin, observe and respond to its care needs - in an appropriate way - which means varied by seasons. This is a recipe for healthier skin, a glowing look and of course better mood, and this cannot be missing especially in spring!

Best regards

Sebastian Natkaniec


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