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720.jpg The firming facial serum Orange with Cinnamon by Mokosh is an excellent example of a cosmetic that is suitable for comprehensive care of various skin types.

This product includes macerates of orange flowers and fig opuntia. They show an extremely strong firming effect. Thanks to this, we can enjoy wonderfully taut, but at the same time soft to the touch skin. The cosmetic also includes natural plant oils. They are really versatile. They not only make sure that our skin is properly moisturized, but also make sure that the hydrolipid coat is not damaged. This cosmetic also smoothes our wrinkles, and also completely reduces them, if applied early enough. Fixed wrinkles cannot be removed. The serum has a pleasant, slightly herbal fragrance. Thanks to this, we can use them with real pleasure. If we want to obtain durable and, above all, fully satisfactory results, we must take into account the systematic use of the serum. Otherwise, there can be no question of the effects. Always apply the cosmetic on carefully cleansed face skin. Let's remove makeup if we have it on our face. It is also important to pat them into the skin, and not rub them. Rubbing the cosmetic into the skin could stimulate microcirculation, but it can also stretch our skin excessively, which may lead to premature appearance of unsightly wrinkles. Mokosh natural face cosmetics are in glass packaging. Ecological cosmetics packaging  is a real expression of care for our natural environment. In this way, the company proves that it is not indifferent to the fate of our planet. By reaching for products in glass bottles and jars, we have the option of reusing them when the cosmetics purchased by us run out. If we do not want to use them again, we will be able to return the packaging to a special point.

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