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All women care about well-groomed skin. The natural cosmetics will take care of the comprehensive care of our body. In addition to high efficiency they guarantee us safe use.

Particular attention should be paid to facial skin care. Each women should therefore equip themselves with good quality natural face cream. A recommendable product is the Mokosh regenerating anti-pollution face cream Raspberry. In this cosmetic you will find a wealth of natural vegetable oils that will moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity. In addition, this cosmetic, thanks to the content of cereal seed extracts, has the chance to protect our skin from harmful environmental factors, such as air pollution. Hyaluronic acid, contained in the cream, binds water on the skin's surface, thanks to which it is protected against excessive hydration loss. The cosmetic should be applied to well-cleansed facial skin, and to enhance the effect, it is worth using enzymatic peeling before using it. Therefore it's good to reach for the Mokosh face scrub Rose and blueberry. You will find in it not only beneficial papaya and pineapple enzymes with exfoliating properties, but also rosehip oil. This oil has been appreciated in cosmetics, among others due to its strong moisturizing properties. In addition, this oil is worth appreciating because of its mild brightening effect. Thanks to this the product has a chance to fight against skin discolorations. Both the cream and the peeling are suitable for all skin types, both oily and sensitive. The regularity of using cosmetic products is extremely important. Cosmetics should always be applied to thoroughly cleansed face. It must be free of any makeup residue. The cream is a product for everyday use, while the scrub should be applied to the skin about two or three times a month.

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