#Earthishome - ecological packaging for cosmetics 0
630.jpg Mokosh creams are suitable not only for people with dry skin, but also for combination skin. The first thing that can catch your attention is the smell, because it is unusual, consisting of roses and blueberries aromas.

However, it also has rich extracts and oils that have active ingredients that are enhancing your radiance, firmness and smoothingness of skin. It is not dedicated only for a one specific skin type, therefore it is assumed to be a good choice for combination skin. Especially that, like in other creams, it also has other, additional effects. Wild Rose is a real proper ingredient for women who want to look younger while emphasizing the radiant look of their faces. However, the additional minerals contained in the cream moisturize and regenerate our skin. It may seem that vitamin can do little because we do not see it, but it has a positive effect on brightening and revitalizing the skin and reducing its discoloration. Mokosh cream is not intended mainly for the elderly, but also for the young, because thanks to the rich ingredients it is not harmful to them, on the contrary, it prevents faster aging of the skin, protecting it against air pollutions. Therefore, it delays the appearance of wrinkles, and thanks to its natural ingredients, it provides adequate protection for young skin. This Polish company gains recognition not only due to its natural composition, but also thanks to the fact that their products are egalitary. The cusomer service with the individual approach to the client is also unusual and focused on their needs. You can see how important our natural Polish cosmetics are, as opposed to processed, too expensive and short-lived ones. Due to this approach, there is no age category, because cosmetics are suitable for everyone, thanks to the fact that they are rich in ingredients and vitamins. The only difference is the type of skin, smells, actions, etc. The brand makes sure that glass bottles are reused, especially those that were previously used for candle jars etc. Thanks to the #Earthishome campaign they encourage clients to returne used jars for recycling. The reward is satisfaction of making something good for the nature.

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