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Every women dreams of a well-groomed and radiant complexion. We want to get rid of all discoloration and imperfections. But we also want to fight with aging processes of our skin. Therefore, every woman should carefully care for her skin. An essential element of caring for the skin is to make the right choice of cosmetics. First of all, you need to be sure that the products we reach for are natural. Only such cosmetics will provide us with safety, effectiveness and efficiency. For sure, every lady should buy a natural face scrub. A product worth recommending will definitely be the active Rose and Blueberry face scrub from Mokosh. In this product you will find beneficial rosehip oil, which is responsible for the moisturizing and brightening properties of the cosmetic. It is impossible not to notice that this product also contains large amounts of pineapple and papaya enzymes that are responsible for its exfoliating effect. This peeling is rich in plant extracts, thanks to which this product can be safely attributed to antioxidant properties. Another product which we highly recommended is breast cream like Enhancing breast cream ICON Vanilla and thyme. The beautiful aroma of the cosmetic makes using it a real pleasure. Vegetable oils of natural origin (jojoba oil and black cumin oil) are responsible for nourishing the skin. The texture of the cosmetic is velvety, thanks to which the product is much easier to absorb into our skin. It would certainly be good to remember to use the product regularly and systematically. Only then can we achieve lasting and satisfying effects. It is best to apply the cream to thoroughly cleansed breast and cleavage skin once a day.

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