Ecological packaging for cosmetics - another step towards zero waste 0
586.jpg Mokosh Cosmetics is a brand famous not only for effective, natural recipes, but also for many activities aimed at protecting our planet. One of them is the use of zero waste packaging.
Ecological packaging for Mokosh cosmetics

Every day the world produces huge amounts of plastic, which then ends up in forests, rivers and oceans. This is not only an aesthetic problem, but also related to the toxic composition of many plastic packaging. Their molecules, decomposing over many years, contaminate the water, so we all unknowingly absorb them with drinking water or food.

Change should be expected primarily from large corporations that produce plastic on a massive scale, but each of us can do something ourselves to avoid polluting the Earth. We can, for example, choose cosmetics in packaging made of glass and paper.

At Mokosh, we pack all our cosmetics in glass jars and bottles. Those that require additional packaging are packed in paper boxes. Even the matches that we add to our candles are made of paper, and additionally they contain seeds that can be planted in the garden or anywhere else.

Also, orders that we fulfill in our online store are packed in cardboard boxes, second-hand if possible, and glued with ... paper adhesive tape.

How to reuse ecological cosmetic packaging?

Our lotions and creams have large, nice brown jars that look great on window sills or shelves, as small pots. We plant herbs or small succulents in them and everything that wants to grow in them.

Another example of a cosmetic in glass is our natural eye cream. It comes in a small, bright jar, but can be used to store small items such as hairpins and nail decorations. There are many similar ideas for reusing our jars - we are only limited by our imagination.

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