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654.jpg Some companies produce really high-quality cosmetics with long-lasting and quick effects. Such a company is the Mokosh company, the name of which comes from the recognized Old Slavic goddess, celebrated in our country many centuries ago, who was worshiped in order to obtain her care and blessing in matters such as fertility, fertility and beauty.

Getting to know the company, it is impossible to notice that the company tries not only to draw on the forces of nature, but also tries to deliver its products in environmentally safe packaging made of glass. It must be admitted that such packaging looks very tasteful, looks great when placed in a bathroom cabinet, and can be used in various ways depending on the client's preferences after using the cosmetic.

Contract production
is an additional service of this company, under which Mokosh undertakes the creation based on the latest and safe technologies of cosmetics production. It is a real treat for those who would like to create their own, unique line of cosmetics under their own name, perhaps have their own recipes, but are not able to produce them on a larger scale.

Meanwhile, we can learn about the effects and effects of using Mokosh products by deciding to order and try out cosmetics, such as the enzyme peeling Active face scrub Rose with blueberry. The perfect combination of ingredients gives amazing effects, and above all, the end result is a phenomenal, not too strong fragrance, which additionally complements the pleasure resulting from using this product. The ingredients of this peeling are, among others, mineral corundum, and enzymes responsible for exfoliation, lightening and smoothing the epidermis.

A natural peeling is sometimes all that our skin needs to brighten up and present better both in reality and in photos. This product is tailored to a wide range of needs.

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