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582.jpg Are you looking for a place where you could buy natural cosmetics of excellent quality? Visit Mokosh.

We vouch for our brand with our own names, because we know that Mokosh cosmetics are made with the greatest care, from ingredients of proven origin, and we check their control on our own skin.

Mokosh natural cosmetics online store

Mokosh offer, first of all, sale - check our online store at, you can find there all the periods of our cosmetics: face, body, hand or bath care. Our offer also includes base oils - the most famous and best-suited for the care of oils with only one ingredient. We also have a special version that can be used in baby care.

An interesting Mokosh proposition for those who travel frequently, are also sets, consisting of a capacious cosmetic bag and a few most important products, sufficient to ensure a beautiful look from wherever you are locally. If this is the word, in our online store you will find the journey of Figa, Raspberry, Cranberry, Orange with cinnamon and Melon with cucumber.

However, Mokosh is not only cosmetics - check also our soy, scented candles, to which we add special matches, which, after burning out, can be… planted in the ground and a plant will grow out of them.

How do our customers rate Mokosh cosmetics?

At Mokosh, we can boast of the greatest popularity of our customers, who repeatedly come back for cosmetics, claiming that nothing works for them like they do. Our bronzing body and face lotion Orange with Cinnamon receives a lot of praise, praised for its natural effect and beautiful fragrance. The face peeling reviews are also very positive , as the same for the other cosmetics - just see for yourself  !

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