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Our skin begins to age after around 25 years of age. Initially, this process is quite slow, but with each passing year you can see more and more aging effects on your face. It's natural for us to get older, but we can slow down some of the effects by making them less visible. What is anti-aging care? Anti-aging care, also known as anti-aging, consists primarily in providing the skin with all the necessary ingredients and ensuring that external factors do not accelerate aging. First of all, sun protection is important, because the sun, and more specifically UV radiation, is one of the factors leading to unfavorable changes on the skin. Equally harmful are the pollutants in the air, water and our food, which cause our body to produce free radicals, the main cause of aging for the entire body. It is also important to take care of a solid protective layer of the skin. It is naturally formed by the epidermis, so our task is to ensure that it is well moisturized, nourished and thus fulfills its role. This is especially true for the face that shows the signs of aging the fastest. What face care is recommended after the age of 30? After the age of 30, the aging process accelerates more and more, so during this period of life, we should increase our efforts related to face care. We propose special anti-aging cosmetics, such as Firming anti-aging face cream or Orange Firming face serum. For the sake of a beautiful, young face, it is also worth giving up sunbathing completely. If we want to give our skin a tanned look, we can use a suitable cosmetic. We recommend our Natural Orange & Cinnamon Bronzing Balm, which can be used both on the body and on the face.Using this natural balm result in well-groomed, moisturized and slightly brown skin.

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