Natural cosmetics essential in everyday skin care. 0

The face is most prone to irritation and inflammation. It does this by exposing the skin to UV rays and airborne pollutants. The most common skin problems we have to deal with are clogging of the pores and flaking of dry skin. While the problem may seem difficult to solve, there are many effective ways to fight your ailments. For example, the use of enzyme peeling. Enzymatic peeling is a mild form of cleansing the skin of exfoliating epidermis. Its consistency is smooth and spreads easily. The natural scrub by Mokosh includes rosehip oil, which makes the skin elastic, extracts of damask rose, vanilla, blueberry, raspberry and grape fruit that neutralize free radicals, and pineapple extract that removes dead skin cells. The product is effective and safe, has a simple and natural composition, so it can be used even by people prone to skin allergies. After thorough cleansing of the skin, it is worth applying Rose & Berry anti-aging cream. This product is designed to improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent it from aging. Effectively moisturizes and neutralizes free radicals. It is also suitable for skin prone to discoloration, as it effectively brightens them, giving the skin a nice look. In the case of dark circles under the eyes, it is worth using a special cream that will improve the condition of the skin. The best eye cream is Corrective Eye Cream with Green Tea. Regenerates, rebuilds, moisturizes and brightens the skin, making it soft. Effectively protects against the negative effects of UV radiation and reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. The cosmetic contains natural ingredients, rich in oils, vitamins and minerals. Suitable for daily skin care. Mokosh is the best brand that produces natural cosmetics. Their products are effective, efficient and have good price. They are suitable for people prone to skin allergies. It's number one on the list of organic cosmetics.

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