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According to statistics many consumers are convinced that the cosmetics they choose every day are natural, because the brand identify itself as ecological. Meanwhile, the names and infographics on the packaging can be misleading.

Although many of these products actually contain vegetable ingredients, but this is not always enough to recon a cosmetic as natural. Unfortunately in manner to obtain an oryginal extract, oil or hydrolate from a plant matter is connected with high cost of raw material. That's why creams with low price contain mainly ingredients made in the laboratory, while natural substances constitute only a small percentage of the content.

Secrets of a cosmetic ingredients list

We can ask a question how much natural ingredients is in my cosmetic? A certain hint is always visible at the composition list. Although we are not able to specify their quantity or percentage, but the rule of thumb says that the ingredients listed on the beginning were added in high amound. If a given plant extract is listed in the composition after the Perfum, we can assume that this product is not realy natural. So please remmember, that natural cosmetic will always contain key plant extracts and oils in the first positions.

An example of a cosmetic with a good ingredients list

Let's take a closer look at the composition of one of the cosmetics with a plant composition. Regenerating Anti-pollution Face Cream Raspberry is Mokosh natural cream which contains vegetable oils that provide the skin with vitamins and protect it against the negative effects of external factors such as air pollutions. The cream is consist of vegetable oils, fruit based juices, ginseng extract, cereal seeds and hyaluronic acid, which is an natural ingredient produced by our body. Emollients, emulsifiers and stabilizer used in it, have natural orgin ensuring moisture retention and the right consistency of cream, are also of natural origin (obtained from vegetable raw materials). Other Mokosh products have similar compositions - all substances contained in them have been approved by institutions which certify organic cosmetics.

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