Natural peeling - what should it be? 0
662.jpg Face scrub is a cosmetic that undoubtedly should be of interest to every representative of the fair sex who dreams of radiant, free from any imperfections face skin.

We should definitely look for a product characterized by a high degree of safety. However, it must not be forgotten that efficiency and effectiveness are also important. A product that combines these three features is undoubtedly the active face scrub Rose with Berry by Mokosh. This product contains beneficial rosehip oil. It has a strong moisturizing and brightening effect. As a result, it is able to gently moisturize our skin, and also brighten discoloration difficult to combat. In addition to rosehip oil, this cosmetic also contains beneficial enzymes from papaya and pineapple. They have an exfoliating effect. Undoubtedly, you should also look at a good-quality balm. Natural balm for bronzing body and face Orange with cinnamon is a product worth our attention. It includes vegetable oils, such as, for example, carrot oil. It is also impossible not to mention the moisturizing and soothing blueberry wax. This product also contains the beneficial aloe extract. It is also able to soothe irritation and possible sunburn. This balm cares not only for the proper level of skin hydration, but also for its color. Thanks to the content of chaste plant extract, we can count on gaining a beautiful color of our skin. We don't have to worry about getting the effect of an artificial orange tan. It would be worth using the balm systematically, otherwise it will not be able to work effectively. It is necessary to apply the lotion on the carefully cleansed skin of the whole body. Then the active ingredients contained in it will be absorbed, and we will be able to enjoy the fullest satisfactory and relatively lasting effects.

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