Organic cosmetics and their values 0
612.jpg Every year, more and more companies appear on the market that advertise their products as organic cosmetics or natural cosmetics. It's good to know that these two terms mean different things.

Natural cosmetics usually means those products that have been produced exclusively from natural ingredients and do not contain artificial additives. However, the concept of organic cosmetics is slightly broader.
In the case of organic cosmetics, not only the ingredients are important, but also their origin and the entire production process. The ingredients from which the cosmetics are to be made should come from crops or plantations where no fertilizers or other additives are used, i.e. be as natural as possible. Likewise, the production process should be in harmony with nature, without the use of chemicals at every stage. All this ensures that cosmetics of this type are as natural as possible and, above all, the most safe for the skin, especially for sensitive and irritable skin. These are cosmetics without parabens, i.e. additives whose task is to extend the durability of the finished product. It is parabens that make cosmetics suitable for use, for example, two years after opening. In the case of natural products, this time is much shorter, however, according to people who use such cosmetics, it is not a problem.
Products such as natural face serum give very good results because they provide nutrients in a natural form. Thanks to this, they are absorbed very quickly, which means that they reach the deeper layers of the skin, giving much better results. A firming face serum with orange, Mokosh's product is a great way to nourish all skin types. Regular use gives very quick and visible effects, the skin becomes tighter and gains an even color. The company's attention to every detail related to the production of cosmetics means that the customer can be sure of the highest quality of purchased products as well as their durability during use.

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