Rosehip oil - one of the natural ingredients that is worth appreciating 0

Body and face skin care is not an easy task. You should choose the type of cosmetic for the current condition of your skin, remembering that the best results are achieved by using natural cosmetics.

An example of a product that is worth reaching for is definitely the active face scrub Rose and blueberry from Mokosh. This cosmetic contains rosehip oil, which has a strong moisturizing effect. In addition to moisturizing, it also gives our skin the possibility of regeneration. Extracts of damask rose, blueberry, raspberry, grape and vanilla contained in the peeling make this cosmetic antioxidant. It is impossible not to mention the enzymes from papaya and pineapple, which are responsible for the exfoliating properties of the cosmetic. The enzyme scrub is suitable for the care of oily and sensitive skin. For best results, the peeling should be applied to the face at least twice a month. In addition to a face care product, we could also use a comprehensive skin care product. The natural balm is undoubtedly such a product. It is worth paying attention to the Mokosh bronzing body balm. Oils such as: carrot oil, baobab oil, argan oil or sunflower oil make the cosmetic have a strong regenerating and nourishing effect. It can therefore be used even on very dry skin. Soothing blueberry wax and aloe vera extract have a soothing effect on the skin and prevent irritation. It should also be mentioned about the extract of the plant called Immaculate. This ingredient is an essencial one for makes the skin bronzing. So it will be an ideal product for women who dream of skin with the delicate shade of tan. The tan effect, however, is completely natural, so we should not be afraid of artificiality. The balm should be rubbed into the face and body skin at least once a day.

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