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626.jpg Dry and oily skin is a very common problem among women that is difficult to combat. If we want to do it, we have to test a lot of cosmetics to find the right one, although not always.

Mokosh also solves women's complexes related to dry skin. It has creams with natural ingredients - just like all other cosmetics, specifically smoothing and moisturizing with the scent of figs. It works perfectly if we use it regularly, preferably in the morning and in the evening, thanks to which you will get rid of the problem of peeling epidermis. Regularity is therefore crucial, especially as it is also intended to moisturize the neck and décolleté. It goes without saying that this cream can only be used by people with dry skin, but also by those who just want to have a natural cream with valuable ingredients. In addition, it also has regenerating and nourishing properties, protects the skin against external pollution. Such effective action is supported mainly by: baobab oil, which has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect, argan oil, which causes the above-mentioned proper hydration, and jojoba oil, which softens and rebuilds the skin. Mokosh adapts to the customer's needs, and will be happy to support you when it comes to individual orders. The company's partners are people who know it professionally and appreciate natural ingredients, which is why they willingly pass this knowledge on by conducting various workshops or training sessions. Not every private label has such possibilities, which is why such details make Mokosh a unique brand, especially since it encourages others to be eco. Are you missing relaxation and vacation? The company made sure to think about its clients, offering various SPA treatments, such as:
- facial treatments: which rejuvenate and moisturize
- body treatments: firming, detox, treatments also for men, including pregnant women
If you want to take care of your complexion, it doesn't say that you have to spend a fortune on rejuvenating creams etc, because in this company you will also find a firming face serum with an orange scent. Fans of this fruit will be delighted, it has natural essential oils of orange and tea tree. It makes your skin firmer, and with regular use, it effectively rejuvenates and refreshes the complexion, so you can forget about the powder. The tea tree soothes redness and irritation of the skin after a short use, and the additional herbs provide high rebuilding values ​​for the skin.

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26 September 2022

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