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People who, due to combination skin, have so far had problems with finding the right cosmetic for them, can breathe a sigh of relief because Mokosh has launched undoubtedly the best natural cosmetics for combination skin in the world. Yes it's true. These cosmetics are a real boon, additionally they are made of 100% natural ingredients. For example, the Figa Smoothing Face Cream is a sensational cosmetic with a beautiful fig aroma, the ingredients of which are: fig extract, linseed extract, cotton extract, AQUAXYL ™ complex, argan oil, baobab oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, oil sweet almonds with the following properties: moisturizing, soothing, soothing, smoothing and firming, reducing wrinkles, improving the face oval, improving microcirculation and skin tone. As you can see, one cosmetic can achieve that much for one complexion! It can be used by everyone except pregnant women. Another example of a cosmetic is Rose with Blueberries firming face cream. The cream has tempting properties, such as: improvement of skin hydration, reduction of visible wrinkles, brightening and illuminating effect, protects the skin against UV and IR radiation, protects the skin against free radicals and improves the complexion. Besides, it smells great! Natural face cosmetics seem to be the model products of the Mokosh brand. They enjoy many awards won in various competitions, as well as generally very positive feedback from customers who have decided to trust an Internet company. An additional advantage of the company is the idea of ​​ecological packaging for cosmetics. Virtually every product is safely stored and shipped to the customer in a glass packaging that can not only be used multiple times for a variety of purposes, but is also made of 100% environmentally friendly materials.

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