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652.jpg In the search for the best cosmetics based on natural ingredients, we should not miss the Mokosh company, which was created on our own market.

The company's products are phenomenal and have been recognized for years, as evidenced by the numerous awards won by many products of this company, as well as the opinions of customers who decided to try their products. Reading positive comments, you have a feeling that these products are really tailored to the needs of virtually every client, meet expectations and, in addition to great effects, also provide a very pleasant aesthetic experience due to the captivating, not too strong, not too weak, natural fragrances that are an additional effect associated with the use of natural ingredients in the production of these phenomenal cosmetics. In addition, virtually all Mokosh products are characterized by great texture and, secondly, extraordinary performance, which makes them definitely worth the price.

The offer includes face creams, but also many other products dedicated to our skin. These products are very often used because of their fragrances and their properties in SPA & Wellness centers throughout our country.

Among the products on offer on the online store's website, it is worth taking a look at the Rose with Berry Active Face Scrub - this product, thanks to the combination of mineral corundum and certain enzymes, exfoliates, brightens and smoothes the epidermis. It contains rosehip seed oil, which is responsible for elasticity and hydration of the skin and its strong regeneration. In addition, the contained ingredients are responsible for preventing photoaging of the skin.

Another product worth trying out is the Orange & Cinnamon Bronzing Body & Face Firming Lotion. It not only firms the skin, but also gives it a beautiful bronzing shade that will replace the lack of sun and a natural tan.

It is also worth trying enhancing breast cream MOKOSH icon Vanilla and thyme, the effect of which has been confirmed by customers.

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