What are the properties of licorice extract? 0
736.jpg There is no doubt that there are many natural extracts and plant extracts that help to care for our external appearance. One of such ingredients is undoubtedly licorice extract.

This component is credited with a truly versatile action. There is no doubt that this ingredient is able to lighten persistent skin discoloration, which acne sufferers in particular struggle with. It is impossible not to notice that thanks to licorice our skin can also gain an extremely radiant, uniform color. Thanks to licorice, anti-inflammatory effects of cosmetics are also possible. This vegetable ingredient is also antibacterial. The extract of this beneficial plant can be found, among others, in the filling cream for the bust Vanilla with thyme by Mokosh. This cosmetic is suitable for comprehensive skin care of the entire bust. It is impossible not to notice that this cosmetic also includes beneficial plant oils, such as black seed oil and jojoba oil. These ingredients show extremely strong nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing properties. The cosmetic is able to protect our skin against excessive loss of moisture. The product has a silky consistency, thanks to which it spreads over the skin without much difficulty. What's more, it absorbs very quickly because its consistency is light. The Mokosh own brand is not only an opportunity to buy high-quality cosmetic products, but also to establish cooperation. Cooperation with the brand is recommended in particular to people who run beauty salons and luxury hotels or spa. Mokosh is not indifferent to the fate of our planet. For this reason, cosmetics are placed in glass containers and bottles. The zero waste principle should guide everyone who dreams that our planet will not be polluted. The product should be used systematically so that we can talk about relatively durable and, of course, satisfactory results.

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