What ecological cosmetics should you have? 0
606.jpg Zero waste is an extremely beautiful slogan that should be followed by cosmetics producers. The Mokosh company is undoubtedly a manufacturer who cares about the good of our planet.

Cosmetics offered by Mokosh are closed in glass containers and bottles. All this means that we can use them without fear that we will harm our planet. After using cosmetic products, we can confidently use the jars again. They can be used for example as a container for spices or dried herbs. When it comes to cosmetics, it is worth choosing those that are best suited to the needs of our skin. One of the products that every female representative should have in her cosmetic bag is undoubtedly the eye cream. The Mokosh company offers Green tea corrective eye cream. It is undoubtedly the best eye cream that we can treat our skin under the eyes. This cream contains a whole lot of beneficial plant extracts. This is primarily about green tea extract. It has an extremely strong antioxidant effect. This product also contains sea algae extracts. They also have an antioxidant effect, similar to the green tea mentioned above. In fact, there is much more in this cream. It contains caffeine, famous for its beneficial properties. It stimulates microcirculation, thanks to which we can count on better blood supply to our skin under the eyes. Our fragile blood vessels are also strengthened. Thanks to the addition of mineral mica, the cream has a positive effect on the color of our skin. It becomes noticeably brighter and definitely more radiant. The cosmetic also includes vegetable oils, such as coconut oil. They show a mild moisturizing effect. However, we do not have to worry about the fact that our skin under the eyes will be overloaded. The cosmetic has a very light consistency that is easily absorbed.

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