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It would be good if everyone was concerned about the fate of our planet. For this reason, it would be worth getting interested in cosmetics with natural ingredients, which, in addition, are in glass packages.

Glass is very environmentally friendly because it can be reused. Fortunately, the Mokosh company cares about the natural environment, which is why it sells cosmetics in ecological packaging. What's more, the Mokosh own brand offers the possibility of establishing profitable cooperation. Thanks to this, customers of many luxury hotels, spas and beauty salons can use high-quality cosmetic products. Certainly, it would be good to reach for this company's cosmetics when we want to give someone an ecological gift and when we care about comprehensive care for our skin. One of the products that would be interesting for you is undoubtedly the enhancing breast cream  Vanilla and thyme from the Mokosh brand. This cosmetic contains a beneficial licorice extract. This component is extremely versatile. First of all, it can be attributed to a strong brightening effect. It would certainly be worth taking an interest in its anti-inflammatory effects. As a result, the cosmetic with its content prevents inflammation and persistent redness. It also soothes itchy skin. There is no doubt that all people who have problems with losing skin firmness should also be interested in licorice extract. In the enhancing breast creasm Vanilla and thyme, however, we can find not only the extract of this beneficial plant. It is certainly also worth mentioning jojoba oil and black cumin oil. These oils also have a strong moisturizing and nourishing potential. The cream has a pleasant, herbal scent which makes its use a real pleasure. 

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