Zero waste in everyday activities 0
742.jpg Compliance with the zero waste principles, to be most effective, should primarily refer to everyday activities and habits.

The method of preparing meals, the appropriate approach to clothes shopping and fashion, as well as paying attention to proper body care. Zero waste is primarily awareness, thanks to which the amount of waste produced is limited. Wasting food, buying too many clothes on an impulse that you won't wear later, or the use of cosmetic products in conventional packaging all lead to more waste going into the environment. So when browsing an online store with cosmetics and choosing the right ones, it's worth paying attention to the packaging. The best choice will certainly be cosmetics in glass packaging, which can be reused or recycled. Recycled plastic packaging is also becoming more and more popular. So if you need natural cosmetics for dry skin or combination skin, apart from paying attention to the exact content of all substances, you should consciously choose products in ecological packaging. Taking care of yourself, you do not have to neglect the environment and zero waste is possible even in everyday care. For food, the situation is very similar and packaging that is recyclable and recyclable should be the first and preferably the only choice. Many food items can also be purchased without unnecessary packaging, resulting in significantly less total waste. One of the first changes that more and more people decide to make is replacing the habit of drinking bottled water with filtered water in a suitable jug. By making this decision, the amount of plastic bottles produced by one household drops to almost zero, without losing access to fresh and much-needed water.

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