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The body massage brush is made of natural agave fibre and high quality beech wood. The brush can be used both dry and wet. Dry agave fiber is harder and sharper, and once wet, the effect will be milder - perfect for people with more sensitive skin. Massaging the body with a brush increases the blood supply to the skin, smoothes and firms it, exfoliates dead epidermis and prepares the skin for the application of skin care cosmetics. Once the brush is used, the skin absorbs the active ingredients and microelements contained in lotions, elixirs or serum, so they work more effectively. The brush also contributes to the elimination of lymphoedema and works well as a complement to the anti-cellulite treatment.

Method of use:

Use the brush twice a week with a wet or dry massage of the entire body starting from the feet and hands towards the heart. If you use the wet brush, massage a moist body (remember not to soak the brush shaft but only its fiber). 

Note: after using the wet brush, wipe it thoroughly from excess water, disinfect it and leave it to dry completely before next use. The brush should be dried with the bristles down by placing it in a dry and airy place (not in the bathroom).

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