Serum - an underestimated cosmetic 0

Many women use only a few cosmetics to care for their skin. Minimalism is of course a positive trend, but in face care context using only of cream is not enough.

If we expect fast and clear action from cosmetics, we must focus on care enriched with more concentrated cosmetics. A good solution would be to include serum in our daily skin care rituals. This cosmetic, as the name suggests, should be applied to the evening after removing makeup. It is usually recommended to apply the serum under a night cream. Among Mokosh's offer we can find the natural cosmetics for the face Serum with a pipette is a very convenient form of application. Just a few drops of the cosmetic during the evening skin massage will cause the active ingredients to be absorbed very quickly. Many customers also appreciate the fragrance that makes the evening routine more enjoyable. A glass bottle is a very aesthetic solution. In addition, glass is a recyclable material. The Mokosh brand always focuses on natural ingredients and eco cosmetics packaging. Glass jars and bottles are very practical and pretty, which makes them ideal as a gift. Thick, dark glass packaging makes the product look very luxurious. However, it has one more features. Active ingredients sensitive to light lose their beneficial properties more slowly. The packaging can also be used after using the cosmetics. The serum bottle can be used for a casting of oil, and the jars as a dish to create your own beauty masks from powdered clay. The whole idea of ​​natural cosmetics packed in glass is very convincing, because it gives the feeling that by choosing this type of products we care not only about ourselves, but also about the environment. We do not generate another plastic packaging, which is becoming a huge problem these days. So it's worth being an aware consumer, even when it comes to cosmetics.

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