Natural cosmetics for combination skin - the most important rules of choice 0

Mixed skin, which is a combination of oily skin on the chin, nose and forehead, with dry skin on the cheeks is one of the most common skin types.

Its care is quite difficult, because it is often not known in principle whether to put on moisturizing, cleansing or maybe nutrition? Apply different cosmetics to one half of the face? What cosmetics should be chosen? The most important rules for choosing cosmetics for combination skin will be presented below ...

The most important thing - use natural cosmetics for combination skin

The most important issue here is that cosmetics for combination skin should be absolutely natural. After all, only such cosmetics will take care of skin regeneration processes, nourish it or reduce imperfections.

Indication for combination skin

Cosmetic for combination skin type have be dedicated specifically to this type of skin, not to any other.

Natural cosmetics for combination skin - full set

It is also worth emphasizing that mixed skin owners will unfortunately have to invest in slightly more cosmetics. Here, you will need different types of cosmetics such as tonics, etc. Without it, it will be difficult to take care of your complexion properly.

Product fragrance - never underestimate this

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of not considering the smell of cosmetics that they buy. Meanwhile, it is difficult to use even the most wonderful specifics if its smell scares us away. That is why it is better to choose the one that really suits us.

Polish natural cosmetics shop - where to find?

Well, it is already known that owners and mixed skin owners should definitely look for natural cosmetics for mixed skin, invest in a fairly wide range of cosmetics and choose their fragrance. Where is the best place to do such shopping? It is worth emphasizing that currently in many drugstores cosmetics are described as natural but have little in common with nature. Therefore, it is better to trust the Mokosh brand!

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