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Hypoallergenic lanolin 15 ml

100% hypoallergenic lanolin for children, infants, and  breastfeeding mothers is a fully natural product obtained during  the process of cleaning the wool of sheep from Australia and New  Zealand. It does not contain additional unnecessary components or  preservatives. Mokosh Lanolin is hypoallergenic and of high purity.  Clinical tests prove a lack of contraindications for its use even by  hypersensitive people. It is safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding  mothers, and children from the first day of their life. 100%  Mokosh Lanolin has been tested dermatologically and in terms of  microbiological purity

Lanolin is known for its moisturizing, softening and soothing properties. Quickly and effectively soothes irritations and dry skin, supports healing of minor wounds. When breastfeeding, the use of lanolin helps to prevent irritation that can cause the baby to breastfeed frequently. Lanolin complements the lipid barrier of the skin and protects it against excessive water loss and thus drying. Allows you to keep the skin around the warts healthy and nice appearance. Lanolin is irreplaceable for the care of dry skin in adults as well as children and infants, including It is ideal for moisturizing chapped lips and dried, irritated nose.

Cosmetic effects:

•Protects nipples from drying and irritation that may appear  during breastfeeding (it is not necessary to wash off Mokosh  Lanolin before putting the child to the breast for the next time)

•Regenerates over dried and/or irritated skin

•Protects mouth from unfavourable effects of external factors  such as wind, cold, rain

Method of use:
Nipple protection during breastfeeding. Wash your hands before using the product. After breastfeeding, squeeze out a few drops of milk and massage it gently into the nipples and areolas. Allow to dry, then apply a small amount of pure. MOKOSH Lanolin to the nipples and areolas It is not necessary to wash the nipples before the next breastfeeding session.
Dry skin care massage a small amount of pure MOKOSH Lanolin into the lips or nasal pads, or any other dry area on the skin Leave to absorb.

Ingredients (INCI): Lanolin•

•Hypoallergenic raw material