Iodine & bromine salt

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Highly mineralised Polish iodine-bromine salt is a 100% natural  product, free of colorants, fragrances, preservatives or emulsifiers. It is widely used for complete or partial body baths of cosmetic or curing character, as well as peelings.

Cosmetic effects:

•fights cellulite,

•moisturises, nourishes, smoothes and regenerates the skin,

•helps diminish physical fatigue,

•alleviates stress and tension,

•reduces lymphoedema,

•speeds up toxin excretion,

•prevents and facilitates the treatment of respiratory tracts  diseases, sinusitis, rheumatic disorders, AD and psoriasis.

Major ions content:

•Iodine (I) – 800.0 mg/kg

•Bromine (Br) – 1.0 mg/kg

•Magnesium (Mg) – 4.0 mg/kg

•Calcium (Ca) – 8.0 mg/kg

•plus: Potassium, Iron, Selenium, Silicon, Bicarbonates



•Circulatory insufficiency

•Acute inflammation

•Hyper-sensitivity to any product ingredient

Suggested use:

Cosmetic bath, therapeutic (saline) bath – pour some salt under the warm flowing tap water. For saline bathe use minimum 1 kg of salt for 100 l of water.

Body peeling – with the use of the salt itself, or mixed with some Mokosh cosmetic base oil and/ or Mokosh essential oil.

100% Vegan.

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Chloride, Aqua


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