The glass packaging of MOKOSH cosmetics is perfect for reuse. We encourage you to do so in the first place. The jars often serve as containers for spices, teas or bathroom trinkets, as candlesticks or even pots. However, if you lack ideas on how to use our rescue packages, MOKOSH Stationary Packaging Pick-up Points come to the rescue.

Minimizing the amount of waste or recycling it properly is the basis for a conscious and responsible life. Taking care of packaging circulation is also a great challenge for cosmetics manufacturers. It was not easy, but it worked out! At the beginning of 2019, we opened the first MOKOSH partner packaging pick-up point. Today, this is a chain of over 20 points throughout Poland, which is constantly growing.

We always choose consciousness. So you must know that collecting and reusing packaging is not the way to save money. Reaching for a new jar or bottle is much cheaper than cleaning, degreasing and sterilizing. We do this as part of the #TheEarthIsHome campaign and because we care about the environment.

"What’s in it for me?"

We have given up on passing on more jars in exchange for receiving used ones. Gifts of profit and other prizes cannot be used as triggers. In this case, the Earth is the beneficiary of the action and we believe that this is the most important reason why we collect the glass jars and bottles together. We often hear about beautiful actions of collecting drink caps, which are exchanged for wheelchairs. Do we expect something in return from the disabled? Our biggest reward is satisfaction and success in bringing help. This is what we want to show our recipients.

Choose cosmetics in glass packaging and reuse them!
If you are in Poland you can also return it to us.

Join the #TheEarthIsHome action.

If you have your store and you would like it to become a Pick-up Point, please contact with the subject #TheEarthIsHome.

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