Paper is our favorite raw material. It decomposes quickly, is 100% compostable and replaces a multitude of items that are harmful to the environment. At MOKOSH we use it not only for printing documents (and we try to keep these as often as possible only online) but also for leaflets, packaging, production of paper matches and many others.

As a manufacturer of natural cosmetics we are constantly looking for paper alternatives to many items. Recently we have switched our boxes to thinner ones, which also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions (more on the You can reduce CO2 emissions yourself tab).

We also use the paper to pack our packages. Our paper tape is a huge hit amongst our customers. We use wooden cotton wool, which is a residue from woodworking, to fill our parcels. It is, of course, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and reusable. For larger packages we use cardboard to wrap our products.

The matches that we attach to our soya plant candles are also made of recycled paper, so we do not contribute to forest degradation. Furthermore, we attach plant seeds to the matches, which can be planted in an empty jar.

If we need to print documents, which we try to do rarely, we don't keep them in plastic sleeves, but we separate them using paper inserts to reduce the amount of plastic to a minimum.

Flyers attached to products or catalogs are printed on recycled paper. Moreover, during cosmetic fairs our products are packed in paper bags.

Of course, we are aware that it is not possible to give up plastic once and for all, but it is possible to limit or replace it with other raw materials. See for yourself that it is possible! Most of the activities do not require much effort from us, and can have a real impact on our health and the condition of our environment.

What you can do yourself:

  • Choose paper or fabric shopping bags
  • Replace plastic disposables with paper ones
  • Order packages from companies that pack them ecologically
  • Always take your own shopping bag with you
  • Choose paper or bamboo ear cleaning sticks
  • Use paper tape
  • Give up your paper binder sleeves for paper bookmarks
  • Choose paper packaging, e.g. for sweets, cleaning products
  • Wrap the flowers with paper instead of foil
  • Wrap food purchases by weight in your own packaging or wrap them in paper e.g. cheese
  • Don't collect too many leaflets - most of the information is available on the Internet
  • Segregate waste
  • Suggest paper solutions in your entourage
  • Drink take away coffee from your own mug
  • Order drinks without plastic straws or with an eco-straw (e.g. made of paper or pasta)
  • Replace wooden matches with paper ones made of recycled paper.

What you can do as a company:

  • Replace bubble wrap with eco-solution
  • Give up plastic tape for paper
  • Replace plastic bags with paper bags
  • Fill your packages with eco-friendly products such as wood wool or foam peanuts
  • Segregate waste
  • Educate your team towards ecology
  • Encourage people to use paper bags
  • Do not use plastic cups and water bottles
  • Pack your shipments without foil and tape
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