Plastic packaging is comfortable, light, cheap and resistant to damage. However, the way they are manufactured and their negative impact on the environment may cost us a lot in the future. It is not always possible to replace them, so if they appear, they should be properly segregated.

Better packaging equals a better planet.

We are not afraid to admit that at the very beginning of the MOKOSH brand, cosmetics were packed in plastic packaging. As a small, private company - without corporate budgets or external financing - we had to choose between expensive glass packaging and equally expensive top quality ingredients.

We decided on raw materials and together we developed a strategy to implement a good product that could "earn" for new packaging in a short time. The change came faster than we thought, after less than a year of our activity. It was the first big step to protect the environment and minimize the amount of plastic in our company.

Plastic is everywhere - it does not disappear.

Raising awareness in the field of environmental protection and exploring the possibilities of sustainable development is worthwhile. At MOKOSH, we are constantly learning this and looking for new solutions. We study the market and are open to good changes. We hope that we will inspire you and that the actions we present will become an opportunity for our planet.

Replacing packaging is not enough. According to the official report of the international agency WWF, plastic does not decompose to zero. It only reduces its size initially to granulate, then to dust and then to the microparticles that are in our food and even air. According to the research, the amount of plastic excreted by man is about 2000 particles per week (i.e. about 5g - as much as an average credit card). Imagine that you eat 1 plastic clothes hanger weighing 21 grams per month.

We are not insensitive.

At MOKOSH we have taken further steps because indifference is a consent to poisoning oneself and others, and there is no room for that in our Team. We started with changes in the way of packing our customers' orders.

We managed to replace the packing tape from foil to paper most quickly. We tested a dozen or so rolls from different suppliers to fit our cardboard boxes and we succeeded.

Another one is bubble wrap. Here attempts lasted several months. We tested foam peanuts, wrinkled newspapers, cut cardboard, wooden wadding and nothing worked as well as our new packaging cardboard. We are excited about the fact that the companies we work with are now receiving their first orders packed in this way:

Have you ever thought about what else is being misused in offices? We have an answer. Document sleeves in binders. We suggest a good shift to cardboard dividers, which look nice, are eco-friendly and shorten the time of searching for a suitable contract or report in the archive.

But we did something special! For our evaporators we ordered nameless glass water bottles and installed a magnesium filter in the kitchen tap. As a result, we can enjoy healthy and drinkable water with no limits, no supplies, no plastic, no unnecessary CO2 emissions. We also saved space, which was occupied by hundreds of plastic bottles a year. See our office water bottles with full customization.

You can do more than you think!

What you can do yourself:

  •  Do not buy water in plastic bottles - drink tap water or invest in a filter.
  • If you must, choose metal/wood straws
  • Replace your plastic toothbrush with bamboo one
  • Choose reusable shopping bags
  • Use the plastic more than once
  • Choose paper/glass packaging
  • Re-use reusable packaging and reusable items
  • Use things that can get composted when they wear out
  • Do not buy ready-made food in disposable plastic
  • Carry an empty food pack with you. It can often be useful.

What you can do as a company:

  •  Choose paper/glass packaging for your products.
  • Replace the bubble wrap with an eco-solution.
  • Give up the purchase of plastic binder sleeves for paper dividers.
  • Do not buy water in plastic bottles.
  • Drink tap water or invest in a filter.
  • Provide employees with reusable glass bottles at work and at home.
  • Replace foil tape with paper.
  • Separate waste. This a way the plastic can also be reused.
  • Use the plastic repeatedly,
  • Replace the foil bags with paper or potato starch bags.
  • React to inappropriate attitudes.
  • Clean up the world as part of the #Earth-to-Home project.
  • Give up the food in plastic.
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