As a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, we feel obliged to take care of the Earth as if it were our own home. The #TheEarthIsHome project aims to raise awareness and show the possibilities of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Searching for better solutions

We are unhappy with the current state of our planet. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new ways to protect nature. Protect the Earth! Protect our home! Explore our initiatives and join the project:

The MOKOSH team united!

We create eco cosmetics from the gifts we have received from nature and for these gifts we want to thank our planet. The #TheEarthIsHome project is more than just a MOKOSH brand philosophy. It is a personal matter of every member of our Team. We want to be part of a better tomorrow and you can join us.

Join the project as a company

Accept the challenge and take the action of cleaning up the world with your team in the chosen area. Report the event on the company's social media profiles using the following tag #TheEarthIsHome.

We will provide you with full substantive support throughout the action, and after finishing it we will reward you as a PARTNER of the project with a dedicated tab at www.mokosh.eu. For details, please see the company TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

We sent an email nomination to: 1047 companies.
Refused to participate in the project: 4 companies.
17 companies
declared their participation in the project:
- LillaMai 
- Ovium 
- Manufaktura Urody 
- Sylveco 
- Senkara 
- Cloudmine 
- Friska 
- Cosibella.pl 
- si si bee 
- ŁYKO Warsaw 
- REGENERACJA miejskie spa 
- Szuflada Paryska
- Turtle Story 
- Szustow. Kultura i Komunikacja
- Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła 

Join the project as a private person

Organize your own initiative for ecology, environment or cleaning the world.
Share your efforts on Facebook or Instagram. Use the #TheEarthIsHome hashtag and mark @mokoshcosmetics.
We will publish your action on our official profile. Find the details in TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Join the project as media and share it with the world

Remember that #EarthToDome and we can help it to regain its balance only through our common efforts.

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