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Plant soy candle Oriental garden 180 ml | 140 g

The oriental garden is a deep, balmy scent of patchouli combined with sweetness of ylang ylang and freshness of citrus trees that takes you to an exotic place, which brings to mind warm rays of sunshine and carefree time. The aroma of the Oriental Garden candle refreshes mind and body, improves the mood. It is perfect for gloomy, cloudy days. It can also be the perfect background for practicing yoga or meditating.

Discover the MOKOSH Cosmetics collection of plant soy candles
with an addition of natural essential oils. Smell scents that will take you on a journey through the most beautiful places on the Earth. Every candle is supplemented with unique matches that were hand-made from recycled paper, and each of them contains a seed. After you have used the match, plant it in the ground and see what grows from it!

Natural candle of MOKOSH is a product made of the highest quality 100% eco and GMO-free soy wax, which is biodegradable and environment friendly. It burns at lower temperatures than paraffin and does not emit harmful toxins. Additionally, natural essential oils demonstrate aromatherapeutic effects, eliminate strains and stress, calm down, help in fighting fatigue. We have put our candles in glass jars, which can be reused after the candle burns out.

Rules of using soy candles:

• Before lighting the candle for the first time, cut the knot so it€™s approximately 1 cm long.
• Single burning of the soy candle should end when the entire surface layer of the soy wax melts.
• Maximum single burning time is 4 hours.
• Colouring within the soy wax is a natural effect caused by the presence of natural essential oils.
• Put out the candle when the wax is approximately 1 cm from the bottom. In this case you should consider the candle burnt out.
• As a result of room temperature changes, the soy wax may differ in volume (expand and shrink), and that may result in cracking However, it does not affect the quality of the candle and its burning process.
• Store the candle at ambient temperature, away from heat sources and sunlight to avoid changes in shape and colouring of the wax.

• Do not leave a lit candle unattended, close to flammable materials and keep it away from children and animals.
• Do not move the candle when the wax is a liquid.
• The candle gets hot and when held may result in burns. Keep caution.
• Put the candle on noncombustible coasters and levelled surfaces.
• Do not leave a lit candle in windy places.