Raspberry seed oil 100 ml

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Our raspberry seed oil has been manufactured by cold -pressed method. It contains a large amount of EFAs (essential fatty acids), such as : linoleic acid (Omega -6-fatty acid) and alpha-linolenic acid (Omega -3-fatty acid). Apart from vitamin E, the so-called „vitamin of youth” , raspberry seed oil is salso rich in other storng anti-oxidant that protects the skin against free radicals It soothes dry skin and improves its flexibility.

Cosmetic effects:

  • Moisturizes nourishes and slows down skin aging processes
  • Imporves skin flexibility
  • In combination with products containing a UV filter, it cares for the skin during sunbathing
  • Supports protection against free radicals
  • Accelerates skin regeneration
  • Seals the skin's lipid barrier
  • Cares and protects the skin
  • Nourishes hair and regenerates the skin around the nails

Method of use:

  • Face and body – massage the oil into the skin with circular movements.
  • Hair – massage the oil into the hair ends and the sculp. Wrap with foil and a towel, leave for 10-20 minutes, shampoo thoroughly.
  • Suggested use while sun-bathing: Combine a few drops of raspberry seed oil to the right amount of cosmetic with UV filter and apply to the skin. Repeat each time the raspberry seed oil/ sunscreen mixture absorbed. Do not expose yourself to the Sun when it’s strongest. In high sunshine (from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm), stay in shade.
  • Body peeling – mix 10-25 ml of raspberry seed oil with  1-2 teaspoons of Mokosh salt scrub  (e.g. Iodine -bromine salt). You may add a few drops of some essential oil ( max. 10 drops) to enrich the mixture with fragrance as well as extra properties characteristic for the specific oil. Rub with circular movements.

100% Vegan.

Ingredients (INCI): Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil•

• Certified organic ingredient

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17 February 2021

Perfekte Ergänzung meiner abends Routine.

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